Welcome to DATA:LAB Munich

Turning data into valuable business solutions.
And a better future.

At Data:Lab we have one goal – future proofing Volkswagen Group

We are a team of forward thinking experts turning the most valuable asset of our entire organization – data – into business solutions. Paving the way for digital transformation and ensuring the future of our business, today.

Solutions powerful enough to drive the Volkswagen Group forward

Our work in AI spans across all of the Volkswagen Group’s brands. By combining innovative technologies, curious mindset and unparalleled expertise in research, we shape digital transformation in following areas:

Building a smarter enterprise

Optimizing and automating business processes

Improve our customers digital experience

Producing valuable services and insights

It requires real intelligence to work with Artificial Intelligence

We have got some of the brightest minds when it comes to leveraging the value of data. An international team from the fields of data and computer science, mathematics, physics and robotics, specialized in automotive AI.

We work in close collaboration with international universities, public institutions and the most innovative technology vendors & startups.

Our areas of expertise

Data:Lab focuses its efforts on the following key areas that will fuel the future.

AI Research team of the Data:Lab

The AI research team focuses on basic research in the area of machine learning for time-series modelling, robotics, and more. On the basis of probabilistic mathematics, we work with unsupervised learning, optimal control and variational inference. By pursuing an open-source policy and working with numerous other international research teams and leading academic institutions, we have established a research team with AI excellence at its core.

Understand data, extract knowledge, make decisions

A solid foundation of information is the basis of any well-founded decision. But what if all this information is convoluted, and how do you deal with processing big sets of data? At the Data:Lab, we use the latest methods and data-science technologies to create new insights from vast amounts of information. We use tools to truly immerse ourselves into the data we are looking at to develop a better understanding of it. As a result, we are discovering deeper insights, making more accurate predictions, optimizing processes and developing new business models.

Machines that don’t just listen to you, but also ask questions

We develop systems to make the exchange between man and machine natural. In the core area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) we deal with digital assistance systems (chatbots), which can understand texts and language. Our solutions can support people in negotiations, as well as in communication and management processes: from the automation of contract validation to the analysis of repair orders in workshops and voice-based systems in the car.

Intelligent systems that learn independently

Deep Learning enables the automated processing of large amounts of data in a short time, without explicitly being programmed. Our applications help automating and optimizing business processes. For example, we develop systems for solutions for after sales or use intelligent assistants in supply chain control. Another project is the use of the latest technologies to secure sensitive data against hacker attacks.

Solving optimization problems in a completely new way

Quantum computers can solve highly complex tasks many times faster than conventional computers. Nowadays, quantum computing is being researched and tested by science, by a few governmental organizations and mainly in the aerospace sector. Together with the Volkswagen Code:Lab in San Francisco, we are validating the use of quantum computers as the world’s first automotive company. One practical example of our work is the research project for traffic flow optimization.

We help our brands transform in the best way, an end-to-end way.

  • Research in the fields of expertise around AI.
  • Guide by helping brands define business challenges and discover and leverage data.
  • Build and implement a data based model to solve their problems.
  • Evaluate and optimize results to continuously improve the solution.
  • Educate and share experiences so we all benefit from best practices.

Startup Collaboration Space

Startup Collaboration Space

Join the Startup Collaboration Space Munich to boost your Tech Startup

Data:Lab is the perfect vehicle for tech Startups who are looking for the fastest and most effective way to apply, test and improve their solution in a real project within the Volkswagen Group.


Apply now for the Startup Collaboration Space

why should you join

Why should you join the startup space programm?

Real Impact

Make real impact by solving real problems in one of our areas of expertise for the Volkswagen Group brands.


During a 3 month project, you will receive financial support and mentorship to gather feedback and validate your solution in real world scenarios and test environments.


Get access to modern office space in Munich and the datasets, knowledge and tools from our brands, technology and knowledge partners around the globe.

Let’s shape the future together, today.

Data:Lab is on a mission to future proof the Volkswagen Group.

And because we believe the best things happen when everyone does what they’re best at, we are looking for the most excellent talent in AI. Is that you?



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Your future looks bright. Starting February 5th.

From 6pm on February 5th- at the Volkswagen Data:Lab & Audi Autonomous Intelligent Driving – meet and mingle with experts in the fields of machine learning, data science, automotive software & hardware development. We will be hosting this event for free on our rooftop and will be providing the food.

Ready for a bright future?
Just send ‘AI wanna meet’ to and include 4 or 5 sentences on your motivation as well as a copy of your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile. If it is a perfect match, we will ‘swipe right’ and send you an “AI rendezvous invitation”.

Please note:
like a real date, we won’t be able to refund you for any travel expenses.

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