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We are your specialist for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. We use data to create predictive work models. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can make day-to-day work easier and more efficient, not just for a specific group of users but throughout the value chain. To date, we have put our expertise into action in more than 200 projects across the Group

and our achievements include forecasting market developments for After Sales and predicting error frequencies in Production. We consider both the feasibility from a data standpoint and the profitability of potential projects, allowing you to benefit from our products from the concept phase right through to daily operations. We combine your data and our expertise to develop the right solutions. Why not discover what we have to offer!

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We are part of Volkswagen AG and we collaborate successfully across all Group brands, working not only with a number of internal departments but also with external customers and partners. Throughout our projects we work closely with the brand-specific AI teams.

We increase efficiency and facilitate enhanced predictive capacity in almost all areas, and our products also help to optimise the customer experience for businesses and brands.

Looking to the future –

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We are part of the digital transformation

Our international teams made up of experts from a wide range of disciplines spend their days turning one of today’s most important assets – data – into a tool to provide customised, user-oriented products and applications. Our Munich site offers an innovative work environment and we use agile methods to tackle projects.

Our teams have a flexible, interdisciplinary structure, which means that we are able to deploy the most suitable people at any point along the automotive value chain. Another benefit of harnessing this wealth of different perspectives is that we are able to identify completely new correlations and links and apply that knowledge in joint projects.

Your data has a wide range of uses

Our work encompasses the entire value chain

We may not actually be able to predict the future, but we can certainly make it less of a mystery.

Our products and our expertise can be applied throughout the value chain, from technical development through to procurement, marketing and after sales.

Project workflow:
1. Evaluation

The first step is to conduct a workshop to establish what your needs are and what data and data sources you have available.

We then work together to develop ideas and solutions and clarify the key elements of machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence. We will review your data and the data quality in order to determine data readiness.

Result of Phase 1:

  • Transparency vis-à-vis your data and the data quality
  • Roadmap and implementation plan for the collaboration
2. Project planning and prototyping

We will work with you to draw up an initial use case and test it using your existing data. This will result in a first prototype that will deliver the first measurable results for your department – providing real data and genuine benefit.

Result of Phase 2:

  • Validation of your data, and proof of concept. Feedback will be gathered from users.
3. The finished product

The prototyping process involves developing a minimum viable product (MVP). With the introduction of more users, more data, additional markets and additional functionalities, this MVP develops into the fully formed, finished product. A process of continuous and comprehensive testing during the development phase results in optimum performance of the end product.

Result of Phase 3:

  • A marketable end product
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Procurement / Finance
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Work in the Data:Lab

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Working for us is working with us

Data:Lab can be part of your work

Looking for a job?

Are you excited to see what the future will bring and keen to work with international colleagues and customers? Perhaps you’re a data expert and you’re looking for a stimulating role? If so, join us at Data:Lab and get involved in our projects.

Do you want to work with us on product development?

Do you have a large volume of data? Are you keen to make your work more efficient and predictable? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Our experts can work with you to establish what support we can provide based on your data and what sort of product we can develop to meet your specific needs.